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U.S. Services

U.S. Services – YES Energy Management®
This document provides information about the utility billing services provided by YES Energy Management, Inc. (“YES”) in the United States. In addition to the terms laid out in this document, your lease agreement may contain additional terms relating to charges imposed by your landlord and listed on your monthly bill.

  • YES Energy Management is a pioneer in the metering, billing, and management of energy, water, and ancillary costs providing a complete solution to conventional, affordable, condo/HOA, military and student housing properties.
  • Each month YES Energy Management will calculate utility related charges and send you a bill. If your unit has a sub-meter measuring device installed, YES Energy Management will measure and record the actual utility consumption in your unit and use this information to calculate your usage, rate and cost for your utility bill. This data receives extensive quality controls to ensure bill accuracy. The meter data will be displayed on your bill and payment portal. YES Energy Management may estimate utility consumption based on historical usage in the event that sub-meter data cannot be obtained due to meter malfunction or failure. Your final bill may also be estimated to ensure you receive your bill prior to your move-out date. In addition to consumption charges, YES Energy Management or your landlord may impose service charges related to your account including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Monthly Service Charge
    • Account Setup Fee
    • Late Payment Charges
    • Returned check charge (plus bank charges)
    • Meter Dispute Charge
    • Arrears Certificate; Statement of Account; Pulling Post Dated Checks; Account History; Bill Reprint; Credit Reference Letter
  • Responsibility for paying utility-related charges and associated service charges will be disclosed in your lease, rental agreement, or other document provided by your landlord, HOA, or other governing body and the terms concerning such payment are set solely by your landlord.
  • YES Energy Management installs, maintains and repairs water, gas, and electric sub metering systems. If your property has in unit sub meters, YES Energy Management may work with your property to maintain the sub meter system.  This includes repairs and water and energy audits of in unit sub meters as required.  The property is alerted to meters with faults or high consumption to ensure accurate bills and to identify opportunities for conservation.
  • Should you have any questions about your bill, please contact YES Energy Management at the email or phone number listed on your bill.
  • Charges listed on your bill must be paid by the due date printed on the bill and be paid to your landlord through their preferred payment method as listed on your utility bill. Your landlord may choose to impose a late fee charge, if payment is not received by the due date.
  • A resident portal is available to obtain current and previous utility bills. For sub metered properties, cost & consumption charts are available for each utility.  Also, for sub metered properties, you will have visibility of usage projection charts so you can view your projected usage during this billing cycle.  This allows you to focus on conservation during the month so you can have an impact prior to the receipt of your utility bill.
  • YES Energy Management works directly with and consults properties on maintaining compliance with local ESG, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency focused reporting. This includes, but is not limited to, ENERGY STAR® Certification, GRESB and ASHRAE audits.

YES Energy Management Contact Information

You may contact YES Energy management using one of the following methods:

Postal Mail
YES Energy Management Inc.
9910 Federal Drive, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80921-3616 USA

Telephone and Facsimile
Toll Free Customer Service: +1 (844) 863-2278
Fax: +1 (719) 632-4526

Electronic Mail
Customer Service: [email protected]