YES Energy Management

YES Energy Management®: Serving the conventional, affordable, condo/HOA, manufactured housing, military and student housing markets with excellence for more than 28 years.

YES Energy Management provides a complete solution for your utility cost recovery needs. As a pioneer in the industry, we know exactly what our customers need from a utility management provider. We are equipped to deal with your needs in the present — and the future.

We offer:

  • Utility Billing

    • Submetering
    • RUBS (ratio utility billing system)
    • Dedicated regulatory staff
    • 24-hour live call center
    • Online payment processing
    • Analytical reporting
    • Dedicated portfolio management team
    • Independent solution, fully integrated
      with Yardi Voyager®
  • Utility Expense Management

    • Vacant cost recovery and vacant unit management
    • Invoice processing and storage/rate and tariff audits
    • Cost and consumption analytics
    • Trend benchmarking
    • Budget reporting
    • Energy procurement
    • Portfolio, regional and property dashboard reporting
  • Metering and Installations

    • Professional installation and project management
    • Ongoing system maintenance
    • Analytical system monitoring
    • Leak detection
    • Daily reads
    • Certified in-house technicians