Military Services

YES Energy Management® military utility billing services allow privatized housing partners of the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard to comply with the Department of Defense Utility Conservation Program.

  1. Metering services- YES Energy Management provides electric, water and gas meter installation services for new construction or for existing homes implementing the Resident Utility Billing program for the first time.
  2. Warranty and maintanence services-YES Energy Management provides maintenance services thru a variety of service plans which can be tailored to meet the needs of any installation. Yardi monitors the health of your meters daily to ensure accurate and timely reads in order to process resident statements.
  3. Resident Utility billing-YES Energy Management provides full service live and mock billing programs which can be tailored to meet the billing requirements of all the services. We will work with the installation to define baselines, like housing type groups and billing program details. Bills can be formatted and customized to include graphical displays of baselines, buffers and historical information.
  4. Resident Portal and Call Center-Residents can log in to the resident portal to view and pay current bills, view projected usage for the month, and view historical usage both graphically and numerically. Residents can access our call center with questions about the program and their bill.

    • Average_Daily_Consumption_Graph

    • Resident_Usage_Projection
  5. Reporting and analytics-Program managers can view and analyze utility consumption trends in a variety of graphical formats that are customizable to their needs. Program managers can easily create customized monthly reports for management and service reporting requirements.

Full integration with Yardi Military Housing– Yardi Energy Solutions® is the only utility billing service that fully integrates with the Yardi Military Housing software suite, the software that is used by the majority of military privatized housing managers.