Metering and Installation

  • submeterstatusWe guarantee a professional installation by knowledgeable, experienced technicians. We have the expertise to install systems for water, electricity, gas, and heating and cooling systems. All installations are overseen and coordinated by a project manager.

    Remotely read meters: Yardi Energy Solutions® is able to work with reading systems–including “smart meters” that enable two-way communication–produced by all major manufacturers. This capability includes installation and maintenance.

    Manual system capability: Yardi Energy Solutions offers monthly readings of manual systems–either read visually or with a handheld or drive-by device–as an additional service option.

    Ongoing system maintenance: Our billing team keeps a close eye on your property, manually analyzing daily data for any possible anomalies. Any potential problems in any units, such as malfunctioning thermostats, leaky faucets and stuck zone valves, are immediately passed on to our service department for attention. Consumption analysis can help you detect leaks quickly, improving resident service and conserving resources.


    • Certified in-house technicians performing initial installation and ongoing maintenance
    • Prompt bill preparation from streamlined process between field technician and account manager
    • Single point of contact from utility billing to utility management and installation