Energy Management

  • utilitycostsVacant cost recovery and vacant unit management: Daily monitoring of vacant unit consumption can reduce or avoid energy waste and unnecessary utility costs. Our vacant unit recovery services allow you to catch and avoid utility theft through the life of the lease.

    Invoice processing: Clients can process utility invoices electronically. Yardi PAYscan™ scans invoices in bulk and automatically attaches each image to the associated payable record in Yardi Voyager®. Invoices are then reviewed and sent through a customizable approval workflow based on your internal approval processes. Approved invoices are paid on time, with no unnecessary late fees, and can be wired to the vendor’s bank account via EFT or paid with a paper check. We also provide storage/rate and tariff audits.

    Consumption analytics: Yardi Energy Solutions® offers common area and master meter consumption, which captures monthly consumption data as utility invoices are processed. For submetered systems, YES Energy Management® provides daily individual unit consumption data, with customizable variance alerts. Alerts of unusual consumption allow you to take a proactive approach to managing utility usage.

    Energy procurement: Through strategic partnerships, Yardi Energy Solutions offers energy procurement services that guarantee that our clients are receiving best possible rates at all times.


    • Eliminate utility theft
    • Consumption analysis and alerts for spikes or allocation discrepancies
    • Reduce paper and invoice handling costs
    • Dashboard reporting at the portfolio, regional and property levels