About Us

YES Energy Management® is a subsidiary of Yardi Systems, Inc., which provides property and investment management and related software across a range of vertical markets.

In 2009, Yardi acquired Energy Billing Systems. This pioneering software enabled property managers to track all aspects of utility setup, usage, and payment for their rental properties. That same year, Yardi released a related Energy Management add-on for the Voyager® property management software. The energy management portfolio was merged and renamed YES Energy Management later that year.

In 2012, Yardi acquired ista North America’s Multifamily Services Group, a leading supplier of energy and water metering, billing, and management services. The new group was merged with the existing YES Energy Management team to create one of the largest energy management service providers in the U.S.

With the strong belief that streamlined energy management is a way for companies to save money, time, and environmental resources, Yardi continues to grow and invest in the YES Energy Management team and family of services.

Visit the Yardi Energy Solutions page to learn more about integration of energy management and utility billing software with other core Yardi products. Yardi Energy Solutions® is a service of YES Energy Management, available for both commercial and residential properties.